blue_mountainsWe’ve just realised our camper trailer has just turned three. We celebrated with a little trip to Sydney by the coast over Christmas just gone, a week in the Blue Mountains and then shooting back along the Newell highway (Narrabri turned on some summer head to remind us just what we had missed). The Blue mountains let us escape the summer heat for a little bit and the semi rural campground in Blackheath left us close enough to the action but far enough away that we could relax.

The camper trailer itself is doing well for the 60 odd nights we’ve spent under the stars.  I’ve noticed a little bit of grease around the one of the wheel bearings so might be time to give those a service. Our battery system (a little gel cell and $20 charger on the toolbox) probably exceeded its shelf life by 6months and finally gave up the ghost. I guess there’s another $30 bucks we’ll have to spend to get us another 3yrs of light and charging tablets.

We are a pretty slick operation these days that sees us setup pretty quick. We have a minimum set of poles with marks for tube lengths and coloured tape to get the right ones out ready to go and backup ones if the weather is looking nasty (together with awning sides). These days we leave the awning on and come packup we actually drop and fold the entire tent (sans floor) first and then fold the awning in just before the floor.


We still haven’t made the journey to the dinosaurs at Winton, its just a bit far for the 2 weeks of school holidays in June and too hot any other time to do it 😦

We look longingly at the forward folds…maybe one day but I’m not sure the weight penalty is worth the convenience it offers.

Our favourite tech tools  for going off grid (yep I get the contradiction ) are the Google “My Maps” for planning our routes and the Wikicamps phone app for checking out if places (and free camps) are any good.