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IMGP5759This school holidays was our first trip out west (ish) with the trailer, as opposed to south to the snowies. A night just outside of Roma at a farm was our first way point before making it into Carnarvon Gorge the following day.

We stayed at Ups n’ Downs (thanks wikicamps for the heads up) in what looked to be grey nomad heaven, complete with karaoke bar and a number of crooners, thankfully the greys go to bed early …even the party animals ;). Next morning was a neat surprise for the boys with a farrier dropping by to shoe a horse and a curious llama looking on.


Arriving at Carnarvon Gorge day 2  we stayed 4 nights at the Takaraka bush resort err… camp ground (as the national parks were already full 3 months ago when we first booked). It was pretty chilly, so much so that we had to unplug the fridge to help some of our prefrozen meat thaw out. Its 20 yrs since I last visited Carnarvon so was neat to remember the many places we visited along the gorge, though discovering how much you have forgotten is a sobering experience.   Close to the gorge an enterprising farmer has made a side business of chopper flights, so we ponied up a few bucks to give the boys (and dad)  a ride over a neighbouring gorge. Its landlocked so pretty much the only way you can see it.

Its wasn’t too long till it was time to begin the journey home, and we took the long way to see some friends in Bundy after a mid distance stop in Biloela (Bilo to its friends). We stayed the night in a heritage museum’s field for the princely sum of $10. For our night out in Biol we had a counter meal at a pub and took in the sites of Callide power station and the open cut mine (I’d worked here maybe 15 years ago). Is their anything as romantic as a power station sunset??…very Simpsons esq.

Surprisingly the water tank lasted the whole trip and our shovel was only used for 3 emergency road side stops 😉