uhf-camper-trailer.JPGWe’ve been rocking some cheapie handheld’s for a while. We grabbed a pair off eBay a while back for a little fun around the campsite with the boys. But they have come in handy for a whole bunch or reasons. If we are travelling with someone else they are handy for staying in touch, if we split up out on a camp trip its helpful for getting the forgotten sunscreen or announcing dinner. Meanwhile on the road, keeping track of the trucks channels has been helpful to know of trouble ahead. In at least one case we managed to get off the Cunningham highway for a scenic tour of Boonah, instead of waiting out a closed highway for a few hours.  We  run mostly channel 18 (its supposed to be the caravans channel – not that we hear anyone else on it so we chatter away ourselves without bothering anyone ) and have a second “watch channel” on 40. Channel 40 is the trucks channel for most, but not all, of Australia’s highways (google it). Some times the language is a bit colourful but thats what the volume know is for. When on the road we just clip one to the dash so the range is not the great but its good enough for local info we suppose. We bought some vinyl lettering on eBay for the back of our trailer too.