We took our good friends from Japan camping recently, we went to a nearby favourite. Just one night but a good time

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IMG_1797A wek or so backIMG_1821IMG_1798we had the pleasure of hosting A/Prof Ohgi from Keio University at SABEL Labs. Yuji kindly gave a sophisticated talk on his work in aquatic activities, as well as a sneak peak at his aerodynamic research as well as a few other topics of interest. Although is was a Friday afternoon we had a good attendance at the talk and some very interesting discussions afterwards. Our thanks to university colleagues, the Queensland Academy of Sport and Swimming Australia for coming along. In the following week we had a good opportunity for research conversations and input to a range of projects including cloud based realtime databases for sensors, instrumented sports balls just to name a few.
Yuji was accompanied by his daughter who thanks to the generosity of Holland Park State School was able to be a student for a day.  Yuji was hosted at the…

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