DSCN2733Its about 40 sleeps and 20 months since we picked up our EMU camper, after a good few months of vacillating and trying out a few others. Its been a good purchase and certainly got us out and more connected with each other and less connected with technology.  A few people (see Bens comments )have asked how we have found it so here goes….
What’s gone wrong
Nothing, have only had to oil the jockey wheel quick release (nearly dropped the trailer on our toes just the once). Early on we had a zip malfunction on the annex, but that was replaced by EMU. We replaced the water pumps (Trojan) as they leak (the web tells us its a common problem) with Breha (thanks Luke for helping us out with those) and one way valves (eBay was out friend)
How Quick is it to put up?
How long is a bit of string. Its only 6 tent pegs to put the basic camper up. Stocking it once its up with our bags, food boxes and stretchers and sleeping bags takes a bit longer. For more than one night stay we have the annex up – that takes a bit longer with 3 pegs and 11 poles at a minimum. Packup up is a bit longer as you have to wait for things to dry (unless its part of a multi day trip and then its no bother to  pack wet)
What do you recommend
We love the water tank and the Drifta kitchen (DSO)
Did you do any mods
We have done a few things to make it work for us and make the setup a bit easier
  • We checked out Luke the Drifta’s camper trailer setup and followed suit
  • We have a plastic foldable step ladder we use instead of the inside ladder that cam with the camper. It has greater utility
  • The water tank to kitchen tap connecter hose now has two quick connect hose fittings, rather than fold it under the kitchen each time
  • We added a light box to the side of the trailer  with a small gel cell and a trickle solar charger , we keep our torches in here and some LED light sticks for lightening
  • quick release clips on the tie down straps
  • we use some pole and peg bags and only take out the ones we need, rather than the whole kit and caboodle (which we hide up the back of the trailer
  • The annex sides are marked so we know what goes where, and we only get out what we need in case of bad weather
  • All poles have been marked with a texta so we know how far out to extend them.
  • The vertical poles have been marked with a tap code so we know which are the tall ones and which are the short and in-between