fire-darlingtonWe headed back to Darlington Park a few weekends ago, sometimes busy but always has a serenity about it. This was where we took our first ever try of a camper trailer (A hired jobbie) as a try before you buy, so it was nice to return in our own this time. The kids are now a few years older, so the tin tacs of camping now a well worn routine and there was even some opportunity to relax.
Nice to to camp with my sister and her kids too. Its been over a decade since we camped together, a camping safari through Africa BK (before kids) was the last trip. A bit non plussed about the stories shared from our childhood though given our boys a few too many ideas.
Nice to get a view of the lost world razorback, from out back of the park. I climbed this a few times in my youth, was IDSCN2733 nuts?