weber campingThe o’l 4 burner bbq is getting a bit long in the tooth and we had a bit of XMAS money left over from the inlaws. Its nice to cross purpose a bit, so was mindful of buying somethig we could take camping too. A bit of a hunt around online and through friends and we decided to pony up for a Weber baby Q. The price is a bit of a shock, but since we had our last BBQ for 10 years we decided its not as big a factor as quality and reliability. Some people cook some prety amazing things on them and they look really cheap on the gas too coming it at around 1/8th of the gas consumption ( The other that impressed us on the user reviews was the amazing customer support years after a purchase.
We ended up with the base model, figuring the extra height and temp guage were not essential.
weber economyIts taken a bit of re-education to cook with them , but the results are great. As for doing anything fancey have baked a few loaves of bread on it so far – both of which didnt last the hour when our.
People rave about the flavour….yep definately a step up for both the usual BBQ , the salmon was amazing and the bread had a nice smokey taste.
We like how quickly everythig takes. There is a bit more clean up ( do this every few cooks) than the old bbq plate which we tended to just do a quick scrape and leave everythig else skanky. Looking forward to taking it away.
Oh the accessories we havent bothered with anything other than the trivet for baking.
Now just need to get our gas bottles over to POL rather than the mix we have had
weber baking bread