wikicampslogoHere’s some App for our phones we have found handy. We run ours in the iOS (iPhone, iPad) walled garden but they are on Android stores too
Navigation $10
Metroview, a $10 turn by turn navigation App for the car , much less than tom-tom and does a credible job too.  Drive time estimates that aren’t to bad. great for when you are out of range to use google maps and only have a small data plan as all the maps are offline on your phone
Also with a GPS speed readout you can drive at the speed limit, even though your odometer tells you you are going over it (apparently this is built in by the car manufacturers – presumably to avoid class action over speeding fines)
Wiki Camps $5
Great little app of camp grounds around Australia, a check of places we had already been to showed us they were pretty close in the recommendations and facilities. They hand over the address to Metroview too. You can also download everything to be available offline
Memory Map $1 get s you started and then $hundredscamping-apps
A map reading map that everyone seems to be using. The app itself is about $1 and you get 1:250k scale for free (this is what most car maps are). Pay a bit more to get finer scales topographic maps. Also people like Hema and Ozaustralia sell their augmented maps, with track notes, places to stay etc.. as well.  You can get the 25000:1 bushwalking maps as well. Imagine every map in Australia in your pocket. Maps are bought in bundles (mostly by state) from anywhere from $50-200.
Not sure if you like it, you can download the maps temporarily for a day to see if they are the business
imagesSky Guide and similar ~$2-5
We love this App, using the compass and GPS in the phone this app, and many like it let you see the sky in augmented reality, HUD (head up display like) so you can actually name what you are seeing , without being busted for making it up by your 6 year old. Where all signs of astronomical interest, stars constellations and satellites are marked out , some with trajectories too.