crocs shoesCroc’s surely the ugliest piece of footwear to grace this earth (excepting possibly Birkenstocks – which double as a contraceptive device perhaps). I have avoided them for years, but on a whim, and needing some last minute footwear I purchased some out of a sale bin.
Hmmpf!! turns out I really like them for camping, they are like a set of pluggers (AK thongs, flip-flops ) but with some protection on the sides and tops, a bit more grip down below and just as easy to get on or off.
A one shoe for all camping occasions: one the beach , in the water, crossing a creek, showering in that swanky (err… skanky) campground shower. Slip them off at the door of the tent and back on again when leaving. With a pair of socks you get to feel a bit European and have warm tootsies in winter too. Wide or narrow feet – no problem they morph to your feet for that perfect fit too. Most importantly they come in enough colours for you to look unfashionable no matter what you are wearing 😉