noosa-north-shore-tinberwah2We wandered up to Noosa North Shore a few weekends ago, we had been thinking about it for a while but there wasn’t much info about it, but then heard from some friends had been there and really liked it!  We are mostly mountain people but a diversion to the beach isn’t so back, except for the sand that gets into everything. Summer is well and truly over and so the grounds are gone. Chilly nights and sunny days were all part of the majic. Its an easy drive from Brisbane, a little ferry ride gets us there to almost beach based campsite on unpowered sites (powered sites seem to attract the bogans for some reason).

Anyways a nice weekend free camping in the large open area ()rather than amongst the Mulga (err Melaluka trees a bit further back).

We opted to camp right close the the beach, it meant its was a bit windy and we were also hit by some rain, but the views early morning were worth it. plenty of time to dig in the sand, collect pumice and other goodies (for show and tell at school) and muck about in the water noosa-north-shore-tinberwah3

Note to self, get some more sand pegs for beach camping, though i found a 3” bit of poly pipe I could bang into the sand for one anchor and buried a stick (dead mans anchor ‘alpine’ style) as well.

Not many photos to show, well we took plenty, but some under 10 yrs old was deleting them we suspect 😦

On the way back home we summitted Mt. Timberwah for some lovely views of Noosa, lake Macdonald etc..