We are a bit of family of list makers. Ideas come and go from our heads and if you don’t write them down then they appear its something forgotten when you go shopping, a research idea that may not appear again fro months, or a really important job that needs doing. David Allen  “Getting things done” talks about psychic baggage, that is unnecessary things running around in your head sapping energy and creating worry about things you haven’t done yet.

For the camper trailer though its a much simpler thing, anything you have forgotten on your camping trip is probably something you are going to do with out! If its some food item or an unessential at best its a inconvenience, but if its something like a tent…its a pretty big deal.

Camping lists

Camping lists

There was this one time a friend and I were driving to the Snowy mountains for a some winter camping above the snow line, it was about an hour our of Brisbane, nearing Toowoomba that we both worked out the other person didn’t actually pack a tent….so there was an extra 2 hours on our big drive to rectify the problem. There was also a research field trip to Fox glacier for ice cracking measurements from on top. The journey up the glacier to somewhere reasonable safe behind the terminus was about an hour each day, usually threading our way knee/ankle deep across the melt river (complete with chunks of ice) each day to navigate. A beautiful sunny day and we were looking forward to lunch…that was left safety on the back set of our high care  (so all we ended up having that day was the contents of the bottom of our packs…namely 3 cheese slices and a tube of vegiemite). Such is the life!

These days with a camping trailer and Mr 4 and 6 to look after there is so much more to pack…and ultimately forget as well. In lieu of marriage guidance counselling and unhappy children  we have found our camping list to be invaluable. Right down to the boxes things go in it means we are ready to go with all the essentials.  Some might say its OCD, but going without a list …we’ve been there done that and its not our preferred option.