Ever since putting a trojan hand pump on a jerry can for camping, we’ve noticed they leak. Not so much that it was a problem…but it didn’t seem a very good thing.  Some months later enter our camper trailer, fitted with an excellent Drifta kitchen. It came from our trailer supplier with, you guessed it Trojan pumps, and yep they had a bit of a leak too. We didn’t worry solo much, that is till the tank ran dry and up came the drill scarfing (seems they weren’t to careful with the install of the water tank) 😦 Anyways the little bits of plastic went all through the trojan pumps. Most of it could be got out of the pumps but not all.

So after flushing the water tank a few times off started the search for a better water pump (seems i’m not the only onetrojan-hand-pump-leaking).  Turns out Drifta was a good place to check into and if they supply the taps they only supply Breha pumps (I think our trailer guys must have used trojans when they did the install), we that was good enough for me. We contacted drifta and they were helpful, we ordered a couple and first trip out and no leaks,  problems!  Viva Breha!