camping boxWe have been all kinds of stuff including old milk crates to cart our food around camping for ages. (When i say old, the company that made them went out of business a decade ago). Our trusty gal toolbox has been a mainstay for over a decade but with two  more mouths to feed we are using more boxes than ever. So the milk crates are getting more of a workout…but are not quite up to the job

I saw on Luke’s drifta site the lids on his tucker box ( inspired by the railway fettler boxes). A bit of ply, some  piano hinge and some decking oil and we were away.  They make great temporary seats, the lit makes a temporary shelf and they are nice and light and easy to pack.

Addendum, have added some chicken wire to the inside – we got sick of having to hang the boxes from a tree to stop the goanna’s/ marsupial mice and possums having a party at ours each night. Yikes what happened to those images….

IMG_0943 IMG_0944