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Camper Trailer high pressure Stove

Using our Camping Stove for our trailer camper

We have a high pressure stove we have been using for camping for years and its done us proud. However now with a camper trailer we wanted to keep using it. With a stretch a 1600mm lead (the longest you are allowed) and we can leave the gas bottle on the trailer and still use our kitchen with out the hassle of removing it. To get the reach better we put a small T piece on the gas bottle so we didn’t lose a precious few centimetres there. (If the gas comes out the wrong side for your trailer there is this mod on the Drifta site)


However we were getting flareups and miss behaving on cold mornings. Why is that, should we get a low pressure stove instead…well maybe? But with a bit of detective work on the web we understand the problem and have a neat work around. Essentially ig you don’t have a regulator for your stove then the hose is running the same pressure as the gas cylinder, and when you are not using it the gas is free to turn back to liquid (in the partial pressure rations that govern thus). When out gas line was short and mostly running vertically back to the cylinder this wasn’t a problem as there wasn’t the same volume of gas in the pipe to condense back to liquid and if it did it was nowhere near the stove. However running the longer lead there is a greater volume in it and being horizontal and a ‘U’ dip just near the stove the gas tends to pool back into liquid and that stuff don’t burn as well or cleanly as gas and so the flare ups. Solution turn the stove off at the cylinder first and allow the leads gas to burn out…its worked well but begs the question is it still saving time if you have to walk around to turn off at the cylinder each time? yes and no if its a one night stop over probably yes, if your base camping for a week maybe move the cylinder