Camper Trailer review

Camper Trailer review

We are starting the hunt for a camper trailer…and there sure is a lot out there. One of the funny things when you start looking is suddenly you start noticing them in peoples yards, being driven on the roads and in camp grounds everywhere. So where to start?

We asked around and discovered some friends and near neighbours and asked them. People seem to fall into to a few camps (haha) infrequent users and hard core users and not many in between. We also bought some of the camper trailer magazines about the place….wow over 10 manufacturers in Brisbane  and a wide variety of prices from $3k to $30k it seems. in due course we went to a few show rooms and even to a caravan and camping show.

There are some shocking stories around about some brands, and having a poke and a prod at the welds on a few trailers a a trailer show revealed not a seam weld but silicon gap filler (and it looked like it went on bare metal before the pair was applied scary), heres one such review

There is quite a bit of debate between Australian built and chinese built and everything inbetween. The $$$ you have to spend all look like the trade off on % Australian built and the features. Going on from there there seem to be the ‘it must be tough enough for cape york’ crowd vs what would seem to be more a 2-3 trips to a caravan park a year type use….what’s a girl to do???