We were camping out at Bigriggen with some pals (actually it was our Aikido Winter Retreat) when Mr 5 saw some rocks, cajoled mum into holding on to a rope and off he went. Be-still our beating hearts, as we were both climbers B.C.(before kids). Next up we dug our what was left of our gear(and what was still safe to use), ponied up for a rope and some biners and we have’t looked back with trips to KP (Kangaroo Point) and lots of time mucking about in trees learning to prussic etc..  Here’s hoping they don’t do what we used to do on rocks though 😉



A bit of prussic practice in the trees is the new childminding


Hmmm, brought out the old rocksports membership card (a membership number with only 3 digits brought some amusement to the staff)


Yep, genetics in action


A Kangaroo Point outing with friends (naughty chef +2)


Lay away like a pro