oztrail villa domeAssembly

First time up took about 50mins, including some help?? from Mr 3 and a quick tech support call/chat with the neighbour. I was able to assemble the tent on my own (which is important at the moment). the tent is built around assembling first a central dome and then the bedrooms and awning out the front goes up next. The dome consists of 2 crossed fibreglass poles. The first one can be inserted and laid out flat and then as the second on is inserted it gradually stands up.



Tent quality

Sought advice on quality of the oztrail online and instores, all agree that they are the same, however oztrails seem to have less quality control so pretty much when you put it up you know if you have a good one or a bad one…seems we got a bad one with the floor having a delamination in one sport, the beveling on the fibre glass poles was sloppy and the fibegralls might catch on the sleev and lead to pole breakage down the track, also some of the reinforcing stitching was a bit close (over) the material it was supposed to join


Why Oztrail

I had a good at assembling a friends oztrail sportiva (a forerunner of the villa) as well as my sisters Coleman chalet CV9 XL which are both similar tents. Asking around my friends it seems this size of tent is the way to go for 2 adults+2kids (or more) as something that is ideal for a multi night stay. we looked at a lot of tents online and in shops varying from two room, quick pitch including the black wolf tents (pricy quick pitch and apparently very hot), coleman (good quality but didn’t have the sewn-in awning), oz trail and variants sold through BCF brand. Lookedat heaps of others liek the DMH and a few others at anaconda but didn’t quite tick the boxes.


Who to buy from?

Fund you can get the tent a bit cheaper online but in the end went for a local store because of the service and ease of sorting out any problems. Seems it was a good decision c’cause we are taking this one back for an exchange. Thanks Tent world, Windsor. They also let us play with the tents i.e. have take them up and down (we went mid week when there was time to talk and do this kind of thing)